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        ABOUT US

        Qiankun Seed Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Jinpu New District, Dalian, Liaoning. The company was established in 2006. At present, the registered capital has increased to 33 million yuan. It has been approved by the Liaoning Rural Economic Committee and the license number is: BD (Liao) Agricultural Seed Permit (2017) No. 0039, with the production and operation qualification of the main crop hybrid seeds and their parents. The company has an office building of 1260 square meters, an inspection room of 150 square meters, a warehouse of 1500 square meters, a processing plant of 700 square meters, a complete set of automatic processing equipment (10T / h), complete inspection and processing equipment.

        The company has a stable breeding base of 40 Mu, experimental demonstration base of 30 Mu, seed production of 8000 Mu in Northwest China, and established a corn breeding team. At present, there are 12 breeding and production technicians and 8 approved corn varieties: Jinmeng 918, Jinmeng 136, Jinmeng 213, Qiankun 528, Qiankun 915, Qiankun 6969, Qiankun 618 and Qiankun Yinnuo. Three corn varieties transfer production and management rights: Jinlong No. 1, Tage 702 and Qiankun 1101. And dozens of new vegetable varieties, such as selected Liangjian Kidney Bean and Dalian 91-18 Chinese Cabbage. The company has experienced two transitional periods: transfer of production and management rights and cooperative breeding. At present, the company has accumulated a certain amount of breeding materials and has independent breeding strength.

        In 2016, the company invested 880000 yuan to transfer 40 Mu of land in Hainan National Southern Breeding Research Core Area (Baokong Tianyang Village, Huangliu Town, Ledong, Hainan) for scientific research and breeding. At the same time, the company strengthened contact with scientific research institute and signed the “Liaoning Agricultural Industry School-Enterprise Alliance Agreement” with Shenyang Agricultural University to realize resource integration, complementary advantages and coordinated development.

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        CONTACT US

        Address: No. 80, Balizhuang, Qingshan Village, Yongzheng Street, Jinzhou District, Dalian

        Postcode: 116100

        Telephone: 0411-87857722

        Fax: 0411-87857755


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