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        Seed Products
        Seed Products
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        Brilliant Tomato Red——Shenyang Chunyu
        Brilliant Tomato Red——Shenyang Chunyu

        Usage method

        Artificial seed mixing: weigh the selected clean seeds and put them into clean plastic bags. Put them into the corresponding coating agent according to the recommended dosage. Then fill the plastic bags with air and shake them up and down quickly and fully until the coating agent evenly distributes on each seed.

        Mechanical seed dressing: According to the recommended dosage of crop seeds, the appropriate proportion of coating agent is put in, then the machine can start seed dressing, until the coating agent evenly distributes to each seed.

        The seeds should be dried in time and fully after coating. The moisture content should be kept below 7%. Do not over-expose or contact with the overheated cement ground directly, so as to avoid scalding the seeds affecting the bud rate.

        The method of measuring whether the seeds are sufficiently dried: first, a standard value, such as 7.0, is measured by a water meter for the selected seeds, then the seeds are coated and dried, and then a value is measured by a water meter, such as 7.0 + 0.2, which proves that the coated seeds have been dried.

        Avoid direct bagging of high temperature seeds after drying.

        Matters needing attention

        It is suitable for seed coating of vegetable and flower crops.

        The seeds need to be dried in time and fully after coating, and the moisture content should be kept below 7%.

        Due to the precipitation caused by long-term storage, shake well before use. Please store the product in 15 degrees Celsius sealed storage to prevent freezing.

        The product is maintained for one year.